The Typical Causes of Sewer Line Damage

While there are a number of things that result in damaged sewer lines, there are situations we see more frequently. Being aware of traditional issues can help you be on the lookout for potential issues you may be experiencing around your home.

Tree Roots

This is a very common cause of sewer line damage. Tree roots inherently seek and grow along water sources, so it makes sense that they thrive near sewer lines. 

Over time, roots will wrap themselves around the sewer pipes, which can result in severe weakening and breaks along the line. This is especially common in older homes that use more fragile clay pipes. 

Corrosion of Pipes

Oftentimes, sewer pipes are composed of metals such as steel and cast iron that has been galvanized. The galvanization prevents rust and corrosion, but this doesn’t last forever and corrosion eventually occurs. 

When corrosion is left untreated, it can result in big issues down the road. Cracks and leaks form within the sewer line and will require eventual replacement if left untreated. 

Clogged Pipes

Yes, sewer lines are quite robust, but they were actually only crafted to handle the basics: human waste and toilet paper. When items such as trash, wrappers and paper towels get flushed, they can cause clogging within the pipes and require clearing out with something stronger than liquid drain cleaner. 

Additionally, this can commonly occur in the kitchen with grease and cooking oils. Pouring them down the drain causes clogged pipes, so instead of pouring them down, let them cool and dispose of them in the trash. 

Extremely Cold Temperatures

While this isn’t usually a big issue here in Texas, cold weather can have an impact on your sewer lines.

Extreme cold temperatures can cause the water in your lines to freeze and result in your pipes expanding and, quite literally, bursting at the seams. This results in leaks and a malfunctioning sewer line. 

Signs That Your Sewer Line Needs to be Repaired 

Keep an eye out for obvious signs that your sewer line may be in need of some assistance. If you notice any of the following, give us a call ASAP to come take a look. 

A Yard That is Flooded or Smells Bad

It’s not common for a yard to just flood out of nowhere; it’s usually a sign that something is amiss. Sewer lines range from 2 to 6 feet underground, so it’s common for this to occur when there’s a problem with the pipes. 

In areas where sewer lines are closer to the surface, it will not take long for the flooding and smells to begin. The water will seep up through the grass and you’ll be able to see it. There will also be a very obvious sewage smell. 

Difficulties With Water Draining

When there are problems with your sewer lines, there may be some drains in your home that are not working as they should. This is due to issues with the immediate pipes attached to that specific drain. Showers and faucets are particularly susceptible to these problems. 

If you’re noticing that multiple drains are not working correctly, it’s a surefire sign that there’s a problem with your sewer lines. 

Additionally, toilets can offer signs of drain problems. If there’s a gurgling sound when you flush, that is a sign of a bigger issue with the sewer line and you’ll want to have someone come out and take a look. 

Water Damage Inside The Home

Another indication of sewer line clogging or damage is water damage within your home. The first sign is mold on the floors and walls. Not only is this alarming and a big sign that your sewer line has problems, but it can also be a health and safety hazard. 

If you notice this is happening, call us immediately to ensure you’re safe and sound inside your home. 

Do You Need Sewer Line Repair?

Sewer lines are an integral part of your home running smoothly and safely, so their repair and replacement is also important. If you’ve noticed that there are issues with your sewer lines, give Texas Drain Specialist a call right away to have an expert technician come out and take a look. 

We’ll get all your sewer line repairs and replacement done quickly and efficiently, so you can have your home up and running smoothly as soon as possible!

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